Whirr - Part Time Punks Session (Cover Artwork)
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Part Time Punks Session (2012)

Run For Cover

Loud and Noisy. That's Whirr for you. Sometimes incoherent but all in all, they've got a powerful sound and Part Time Punks Session promotes this. Whirr's music is mainly hard-hitting, fast paced instrumentals, with tempered vocals overlaying to add some melody, but they also mash-up of punk, hardcore and post-hardcore indie.

Most instrumental bands leave you worse for the wear after lengthy LPs but Whirr keeps it concise at 4 tracks. They're pretty much inconspicuous but similar to Toe, their music proves a contemporary culling of the genres they love. "Blue" lacks musical cohesion but the guitars and drive are ostensibly strong. "Flashback" crowns itself on a gravely feel and continues the relentless coverage of the record. The guitars, yet again, are prominent and that's what's foremost with Whirr - they're bent on crafting disproportionate, eclectic sounds using dicey and edgy stringplay.

You'd expect interludes on crestfallen melodies but not with Whirr. They don't let up. They're stooped in volumes of in-your-face and trashy bridges, which segue into each other quite well. "Junebouvier" portrays itself as yet another musical amenity, which if you've dabbled in Whirr in the past, they've been as consistent with as they can be. "Twist" as a closer isn't the most potent but in their own capacity, Whirr does manage to distinguish each track from the next.

They've sealed their fundamental sound. In fact, they've pretty much got it down to a tee and it takes a lot of fortitude to stick to this kind of sound, and keep each track differentiated from the other. Whirr has got that genius in them, and more so, they possess the capability to expand on this 4-tracker. Whirr is rife with promise and then some. Let's hope their vision bears fruition as loud as their music rocks.