One Inch Punch - Ignorant Bliss (Cover Artwork)

One Inch Punch

Ignorant Bliss (1996)

Life Time

One Inch Punch had a hard act to follow after their kick arse debut album ‘Lost in What We Lack'. They released this 10 inch EP the very next year, obviously preferring to take their time rather than churn out another full-length. It was a good move. Four of the tracks on this EP are great, but the other two are obviously a bit average. If they had released a full-length instead, it would probably have been a bit of a flop, containing too much filler.

As it is, this EP has, in my opinion, the two of the best OIP/MYC songs of all time on it. These are ‘Stupid Me' and ‘Locked', which are both fast (but not too fast), and melodic. Stupid Me has an awesome atmospheric build-up at the end, which is VERY rare in OIP songs, but works very well. Locked is one of their fastest songs, with great skips and timing changes, and a catchy chorus to boot.

Another great song on here is the final track ‘Shut Down', with the best chorus I've ever heard. You'll be chanting it for days: "My skin is thick/ My skin is thick/ My brain's a brick/ And ignorance is bliss" It also has a great tune and interesting, slightly out of time singing. It's also fast.

‘The Great Nostalgia Debate' is also pretty good, with a great confused start, with a brilliant breakdown in the middle, and a disintegration near the end, with the drumming taking over the lead.

‘Set Back' and ‘Down Syndrome' are decidedly average by OIP's standards, but that means they're still good.

Their two full-length releases, ‘Lost in What We Lack' and ‘Happiness and Authority' each had their own feel. You could hear a track and know which album it belonged on. However, this EP is definitely not an individual and coherent entity. It has no ‘feel' of its own, and most of the tracks feel like they belong on one or the other of the full-lengths. This may not be a bad thing, as fans of their full-lengths will be right at home here. Those expecting a whole new OIP experience, though, may be disappointed.

As usual the lyrics are great, and the common OIP pattern of repeating the first half of the song twice before finishing is still here.

If you're into fast melodic hardcore, then definitely check this out. This is the only OIP release still available, and even then only on vinyl. It's only about 8 bucks Australian, and well worth it.

---Track Listing---
Side A:
Stupid Me
Set Back

Side B:
Down Syndrome
The Great Nostalgia Debate
Shut Down