La Sera - Losing to the Dark [Digital Single] (Cover Artwork)
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La Sera

Losing to the Dark [Digital Single] (2014)

Hardly Art

Apparently, for her third La Sera album, Katy Goodman "didn't want the [the album] to be another record of me sad, alone in my room." Well, this certainly isn't a boo-hoo-is-me kind of record, even though the lead single, "Losing to the dark" is about breaking up with a drug addict.

The track opens with some buzzing feedback before La Sera guitarist Todd Wisenbaker rips out face-shredding licks. Then, Goodman jumps into the tune, spitting out lyrics like "slap you across the face!" in a style that vaguely borrows from that hooked edge of Keith Morris or Darby Crash- when she lashes out at her target, it comes from a place of real resentment, but doesn't necessarily attempt to show that this is all there is to the story. But, even though you don't get the full story, you don't care, because Goodman testifies with such conviction.

Yet, Goodman also retains her classic girl group delivery style. It's become a little cliché to refer to the Phil Spector and Decca girl groups when referring to Goodman, but it's undeniable that when she raises her octave for the refrain, the same underlying strength and vulnerability of those classic dusty records is heard.

The result is a track that's a little mysterious, and little murky, and hella energetic. It wouldn't be fair to say that this is Goodman's "angry" record (because she's had angry tracks before and to call this one the "angry" one would diminish the other qualities of the track), but it's definitely her most rocking to date. Place your bets now- this will be La Sera's best album to date.