Police Lingo - Fatty Boom Boom (Cover Artwork)

Police Lingo

Fatty Boom Boom (2013)


Nothing makes a guy like me happier than hearing records from a group like Police Lingo. With one self-produced and self-released record under their belts these guys have done an impressive job of getting around the underground world and self-promoting throughout the DIY/crust and skacore scene with fellow acts along for the van ride. Fatty Boom Boom is an accurate reflection. Dirty, fast, loud and messy in the best of ways.

Fatty Boom Boom comes out of the gate swinging with "187," a song with vibes reminiscent of Aus Rotten, reflected in the riffs and almost desperate screams. It's tunes like this that make the album a fun listen. Songs like "Deep Fried Fetus" are filled with that same kind of raw aggression. What Police Lingo likes to call powerviolence, I just see as pure, authentic aggression. The skacore sound starts to bleed through at its apex in "Kill Humanity" and the listener cannot help but feel the oppression and anger in the words, never at the sake of ruining an enjoyable and fun listen. The last few songs on the record ring through in a similar fashion, gritty and lo-fi as if they were recorded in a garbage can in hell.

Listeners are often quick to write off the self-produced and self-recorded -- all the many bands without slick artwork and slick, indie-corporate packaging out there. If that's you I'm speaking to, perhaps it is best you move along. Those of us who appreciate the grit and the grime of a heartfelt recording, those of us who identify with that struggle and keep these musicians on their toes will be pleasantly surprised with Fatty Boom Boom.