Sweet Weapons - All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs (Cover Artwork)

Sweet Weapons

All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs (2013)

Escapist Records

There's something to be said about records that when you press play and they just start. There isn't an opening track to build up steam, or to set the mood. When there isn't need for a clever sound bite, or a slew of noises. When the first track reaches the ten second mark and it's already rocking. All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs by Sweet Weapons does this exactly.

AOMBFAD starts off with "Not Golden", a two minute song with infectious lead lines and explosive drum fills. The record continues on with "Blue Crush", a song that's opening lead line could have jumped off of a Title Fight and Balance Composure record. "Strange Brew", the fifth track, opens with a noodle guitar riff, and then tears into a skate punk beat while vocalist Adam Abeyta desperately yells the lyrics. Overall AOMBFAD keeps a similar tempo and tone throughout it's ten tracks except for the penultimate song, "Sour". "Sour" is very different compared to the other 9 tracks. It has the feel of a low key indie pop song. While being very different and bizarre, it stands out in a great way. Sweet Weapons took a risk with "Sour" and they succeeded. The final song, "Enough Already" kicks in with what my parents would believe to be the riff of Heart's "Crazy On You", however it's similar but different. The song ends with the lines of the chorus repeating, "Already said it all/Have I said enough?" and boom, the record is over.

Despite being called All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs, and despite 4 of the songs sharing titles with sports films, the record holds a serious tone. Some of the songs are a more light hearted, but still not jokes or gimmicks. Sweet Weapons has gained enough ground to catch the attention of Escapist Records, but with their formula I don't see why they wouldn't fit right in with the likes of Topshelf, Run For Cover, or No Sleep.