Deviates - My Life... (Cover Artwork)


My Life... (1996)


I've always had an appreciation for the distinctive, california melodic hardcore style evident in bands like Pennywise, 1208, 98 Mute, and Deviates, even if their style and execution tends to sound the same to a casual listener.

I'd seen Deviates play at least four times before i picked up their first release which i hear is out of print now. They played at the Ventura Theatre a lot, and after takin a liking to their live performance (brian, the singer, makes this band), i bought My Life... and this record has since become one of my favorites. Brian is a very articulate and clever writer, and his melodies are fun to shout along with. Favorites of mine are "I Remember", "She was There for Me", "Land of Opportunities", and "One Day". There's nothing flashy about this band; the chord progressions are not very original, but the combination of vocals and instruments makes for a style all their own. The album has a grittiness and intensity that was lacking in their sophomore release Time is the Distance. Brian's lyrics encompass social commentary, personal politics, and observations of daily life. The album is very well done for the style they play. If you can't buy it anymore, download for sure.