Iron Hand - Injected Fear (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Iron Hand

Injected Fear (2014)

Safety Meeting Records

It's really hard to overlook an album called Injected Fear. That's an awesome title for Iron Hand's new full length. Being only seven songs however, it seems like this album is pretty short to be a full length and too long to be an E.P. That being said, this album is perfect for blasting when you're driving fast down a freeway. It makes you feel pumped up to the point where you might need to punch something. If you have never heard Iron Hand before, just know that this band is on the cusp between death-metal and crust punk (or d-beat). If you listen to the last track called "Vainglory" you'll see what I mean.
The best tracks on this album are certainly the title track, "Self-Sacrifice," and "Incantation." "Injected Fear" starts off with a lot of feedback and then blasts right into the main riff, which is the best riff on the album. The only word to describe it is fierce. "Self-Sacrifice" on the other hand is very reliant on a heavily distorted bass and very impressive (screaming) vocals, too. But of all the songs on Injected Fear the best has to be "Incantation." This song has a fast beat, the most distinctive vocals, and the most distinctive guitar riffs of all the other songs. It even has a fantastic and quite intricate guitar solo section where one guitar starts off the solo and then the other one joins in and they flow very well together. Right after the guitar solo part ends comes a great, but very short, break down which leads into the outro.
As for the other songs on Injected Fear, it really seems like they all just blur together. They don't stand out as much as the aforementioned three do. It would still be wise to keep an eye on Iron Hand though; they have a lot of potential.