Monks Of Mellonwah - Turn The People (Cover Artwork)

Monks Of Mellonwah

Turn The People (2014)

Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

In the past couple of years, Australian indie quartet Monks Of Mellonwah have risen from plucky upstarts to polished, swaggering, award-winning international contenders. Then, in March 2014, their debut album Turn The People was released. Comprised of three previously-released EPs, the record is packed with well-crafted, irresistibly melancholic songs, and oozes style and atmosphere. In their strongest moments, the Monks are purveyors of gloriously rousing, brooding indie-rock that stands proudly next to its predecessors Muse, Audioslave, Soundgarden and the Chili Peppers while nevertheless holding musical ground of its own. The songwriting is taut, the riffs infectious, the lyrics pure and evocative.

Album highlights include haunting opener "Ghost Stories", the gorgeous, searing "Tear Your Hate Apart" and "Downfall", which represents roughly what would happen if Matt Bellamy fronted Evanescence. In each case, Monks Of Mellonwah showcase the meticulously-honed talents that recently won them a development deal with A&R Worldwide, whose previous success stories include Coldplay, Keane and Adele.

Some lesser rock bands sacrifice quality songwriting in favour of meaty, head-banging riffs. Others tug at the emotions with poetic lyrics while lacking the balls to really move the mosh pit. But Monks of Mellonwah can do both - a rare gift.