Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes (Cover Artwork)


Apocalypse Dudes (1998)


Skott M

In honor of Turbonegro's return from early retirement and their new signing to Burning Heart/Epitaph, I figured I would review their 1998 masterpiece "Apocalypse Dudes".

To those unfamiliar with them, Turbonegro are a sextet of Norwegians that play a mix of punk, glam, and straight up rock n roll. Their use of tongue-in-cheek homoerotic lyrics, denim outfits, make up, and blazing guitars has inspired quite a few bands from around the world and even garnered them a tribute album on Hopeless records.

The first thing that really got me about this album is the amazing clarity in its production which actually borders on area-rock sounding. The drums and guitars are huge on every song - something way different than the current lo-fi garage sound thats everywhere now. The opening riff to their first song "Age of Paparius" pulled me in from the start and didn't let go until the last song was over. The songs vary from punkier stuff almost with a Ramones sound to mid paced songs that musically reminded me of a fast AC/DC vibe. "Apocalypse Dudes" is one of the rare albums that really has no songs worthy of skipping over. It really is hard for me to pick any notable tracks since they all are soon to be classics. "Age of Pamparius", "Self Destructo Bust", and "Prince of the Rodeo" are my favs.

This disk should be a required purchase for anyone whos a fan of the Supersuckers, Hellacopters, AC/DC, the Ramones, and even Motley Crue or old G n' R.