Lydia - Devil (Cover Artwork)
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Devil (2013)


Devil is the second album released by Lydia since the band got back together after their very, very brief break up.

The band are known for the dreamy indie pop and respect within punk circles, but after the return of the band, along with the departure of Mindy White, the band have sort of fallen off the radar.

Luckily, Devil is the record they needed to release. It sounds like a breath of fresh air. From the beginning of opener "The Exit" it's clear that this is a happier affair than all of their previous releases, which have a very wintery feeling to them. This is definitely a summer album.

Choruses prevail throughout the record, being extremely catchy on every song. Acoustic guitars take the forefront and Leighton Antelman's vocals swoon throughout the songs while the keyboards add another layer to the melodies.

The range on the album is fantastic, from the acoustic now fan-favourite "Back to Bed" to "Take Your Time," where the band experiment with heavier sounds than previously used. "Knee Deep" has a catchy guitar riff and "Devil" has a gigantic chorus. Closer "From a Tire Swing" is the perfect ending to the blissful 30-minute affair.

The band are in their element on this record and have perfected every element. It's stripped back and raw; and while it's no Illuminate, for once it feels as though it's not trying to be Illuminate. It's the band's second masterpiece, incomparable to the previous one.