Long Lost - Save Yourself, Start Again (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Long Lost

Save Yourself, Start Again (2013)

No Sleep Records

If you're looking for something fast, something that's blistering punk or something to break windows to, then Save Yourself, Start Again isn't the record for you. If you're looking for a mellow respite from the world, however, then Long Lost definitely churned this out for you. It's ten tracks of calmness and cliches but it's nothing boring. In fact, you'll find yourself more attached to it than you first anticipated.

"Old News" is a good summary of the album. It's coy, warm alternative music a la 1997 and as emo as it gets -- it's harmony. Plain as can be. Simple and straightforward is what works well for them. Nothing too intricate and there are a lot of flashes similar to Death Cab For Cutie and Into It. Over It. There's more Transit influence here than Aviator, as both comprise Long Lost, and the former's lead singer, Joe Boynton, more or less sculpts the same Boston charm his fans are acclimatized with. His pristine vocals are undeniably at their best.

Too much Transit does exist on the record but it isn't that big a flaw. Aviv Marotiz does wonders on the drums and Aviator fans feel the well-mixed dynamic on "Wild Hearts", a country-esque tune for fans of Johnny Cash and folk-rock. It's a praiseworthy standout, just ahead of the compassionate "Drive With Me," which no doubt draws comparison to Grey Gordon or Elliot Smith. I did think more variety could have been added to the album but these stronger tracks do make up the shortcomings and represent how good the bands mix in Long Lost's work.

"The Love Will Grow" is the prime example of why this band will flourish on its hopeless romantic notions. It pours out so much affection that you wonder whose ideals these are. Safe to say, with such emotion tethered in, and in such a soft-spoken manner, Long Lost definitely will be taking their fans for a spin, and I'm sure they'll be enjoying the ride. Boynton's put himself in the showcase but I like that he still didn't take the spotlight from the band as a whole. Can't wait to see them blossom from here.