Battle Lines - Colonies (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Battle Lines

Colonies (2014)

No Sleep

Battle Lines aren't essentially a full-fledged rock act. But while they mix a range of genres together, their musical spine has a sweet indie aesthetic to it with nuggets of post-hardcore, industrial and mostly, alternative, added in. It comes off more post-rock at times but there are flavors for lovers of all genres to partake in, in spades.

"Colonies" commences with an electronica/industrial vibe but it remains grounded in its indie-foundation. Think of groundwork done by Awolnation, The xx, Bastille and Phantogram but with a more lingering rock essence. Carly Humphries' voice adds a mysterious, angsty and conflicting resonance with the singular drum-beat, spaced out and timed nicely with intermittent crashing cymbals. The linear and mainstream effect goes well into the 3:00 mark before a post-hardcore surge reminiscent to Thursday's A City by the Light Divided. It's hypnotizing and indifferent yet never too loud or noisy.

"Push" is more straightforward though distorted. It's fraught with buzzy, intense, atmospheric guitars amid fragile lyrics and replete with an emotionally disarming rhythm. The echoing guitars offer more a pensive vibe and in just two tracks, you get a pretty good account of what they're about. This track comes off like a wistful lullaby and offers thoughts on the paradox of distasteful relationships in its blistering chorus. It unravels with so much openness and vulnerability as it queues up a very simple interlude rife with nifty little solos. This UK quarter surely has a lot more waiting to unfold and this is a good sign of things to come. Something with so much candor tends to always have a great depth of quality packed in.