Living With Lions - Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Living With Lions

Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me [7-inch] (2013)

Pure Noise Records

If you're looking for a Blink-182 wannabe, this is your band. Living With Lions, however, isn't a ripoff as much as it's a band that's filled with vibrancy, pop-punk energy and of course, a carousel of vocalists, that split opinions on them more than they'd like. Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me has that nostalgia that takes you back to 2011's Holy Shit and despite all the line-up changes, they recover so much of their appeal for the listeners. Three tracks just isn't enough.

"Scarred" has that tangible feel of rejuvenation and motivation that plagues the record nicely. As a fan of almost everything this band has put out, I am glad to see their hard work, the surrounding controversy with so much they do and their impact as Canadians who don't give a shit, come full-circle. "My Winter Vacation" is the epitome of their flair and the burgeoning impact that the most passionate of advocates would beam about -- it's truly what makes Living With Lions so good. I see them growing and growing. Their audience may have crumbled due to the shifts in lineups but the bassline here is enough to pull you back in due to its course of nature, telling the story of youth and innocence. Such a fun track.

Upbeat verses and soaring choruses, as proclaimed on "Between The Lines," serve as a stark reminder as why you should not forget this band. The optimism, songwriting, jubilation and upbeat punk tones all persevere here to show the technical prowess of the quartet. Their hopeful interplay and triumphant ethos come to the fore well and the sounds they've manufactured show that while not flawlessly engineered, there's a lot of charisma in their design that entrapped fans in the first place. Like I said, three tracks just wasn't enough.