Brick Assassin - Brick Assassin [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Brick Assassin

Brick Assassin [7-inch] (2013)

Oi the Boat

Brick Assassin is comprised of members from Flatfoot 56 and Downtown Struts and they play hardcore oi. Take 86 Mentality, The Oppressed add aggro and you get Brick Assassin.

The "Intro" is 1:26 of building, bass driven, hardcore fury capped off with the declaration "WE ARE BRICK ASSASSIN!" It takes a certain kind of band to be able to pull off almost a minute and a half of pure instrumental rage, but Brick Assassin does it effortlessly! The second half of the A-Side is "CBC" and it blends seamlessly with the intro. The vocals are delivered with speed, clarity and a strained urgency that work perfectly with the music. There are HUGE gang vocals on this track that are impossible to not shout out loud. Lyrically "CBC" is a song based on pure aggro. If a brawl were to have a soundtrack, this would be it.

The b-side shows that Brick Assassin isn't interested in trudging around in the clichéd pitfalls of oi- these guys actually have something to say. The B-Side, "Entitlement Generation," is a musical middle finger in the face of snot nosed brats everywhere. They make their feelings known right off the bat with the lyrics "You make me sick. You make me puke with your attitude". It's a true working class song that rejects those who look down on others just because they have money. The song still has the hardcore oi beat of the A-Side, but blends in fantastic streetrock guitars. .