New Cold War - New Cold War [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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New Cold War

New Cold War [EP] (2014)

Self Released

New Cold War is a Las Vegas group made of members and ex-members of the likes of Surrounded By Thieves, The People's Whiskey and The Quitters, and on this release also includes a guest appearance from a member of Guilty By Association. Whether this validates the use of the word ‘supergroup' I'm not sure but I'm sure in some circles New Cold War might be viewed as such.

New Cold War was initially an outlet for Andy Harrison following his departure from Surrounded By Thieves and there is clearly some similarities between both bands in that musically it's a quick-paced, melodic punk sound that is favoured. If there's a minor difference it's probably down to New Cold War easing off the pedal a tiny bit in terms of speed and being slightly more melodic/less aggressive -- the band that frequently comes to mind when listening to this is Strike Anywhere.

The first four tracks are all pretty good and have quite a ‘pumped up' feel about them, as a flurry of guitars, bass and drums are responsible for ensuring some heartfelt melodic punk rock comes to the fore. "Who We Are" does a sterling job of opening the EP and it acknowledges the many places and people that have helped those in New Cold War to get where they are today -- somewhat better than a mention in the liner notes! "Progeria" keeps the pace going along nicely and leads into my favourite track "Growing Down" which features slightly snottier vocals than the preceding efforts. "After This" adds a darker flavour to the EP before leading into the fifth and final track "Corporate Dick". This is where the wheels come off to a degree as the pedestrian-paced hoedown doesn't quite do it for me. I'm totally on board in terms of the sentiment of the song, which is not so much anti-capitalism but more a case of being used and abused to feel crap about oneself. However, the song itself lacks the punch to make an impact and only when the electric guitar kicks in part way through is there any real interest from me. It's a shame for the EP to end this way given what comes before it although I expect it will go down in history as one of few aberrations made by New Cold War.

Originally the intention was for New Cold War to be a studio project but in recent weeks the band has been playing a few shows in Las Vegas, so it could be that those of you who are stateside will get the chance to see them in the flesh as they're pretty good.