Lost City Angels/Kicked In The Head/Drexel - live in Boston (Cover Artwork)

Lost City Angels / Kicked In The Head / Drexel

live in Boston (2002)

live show

I have no cool or interesting way to intoduce this show review and who wants to hear what i wore, or ate before the show so I'll just get right to the point. September 21, 2002, Bill's Bar, Boston, MA... Lost City Angels, Kicked in the Head, Drexel, and Favorite Atomic Hero.

First up, Favorite Atomic Hero, the only band on the bill that I hadnt heard from before. Unfortunately I missed most of their set but caught the last 3 songs. They didnt impress me at any point but put on an ok show. They are self-described as able to satisfy the fans of Jimmy Eat World, the Foo Fighters, and Supergrass. As much as I enjoy Jimmy Eat World and the Foo Fighters Favorite Atomic Hero didnt really satisfy anything that well. The best song they played is "Timebomb" which is coincidentally on the compilation I purchased that night from Fork In Hand Records. If you would like to check them out I suggest doing it with that comp.

Drexel is band that I am pretty familiar with, from their debut with Big D and the Kids Table, Shot by Lammi, to their newest release, The Inevitable is Available, which is quite good despite the change for the pop-punk style that Drexel fans are used to. Playing mostly songs from the newest release they put on an amazing show. The best part of the show was when they took a break from new material to play "Victory" my absolute favorite Drexel song. The energy that they put forward in all their songs blows me away as they jump around, sweat profusely and put so much emotion into every syllable to every word in every song. I appreciate Drexel much much more after witnessing them live for the first time.

Kicked in the Head, what can I say about them. A band I have been meaning to see live for quite some time now. World Domination blew me away with their incredible mix of ska, punk, and hardcore. Then they ditch the traditional ska that was somewhat prominent on World Domination for a hard, fast, ska punk mix similar to the style of Big D and the Kids Table from Good Luck for their newest LP Thick as Thieves. Going into the show I had just learned that they would be releasing a new EP in October and I couldnt wait to hear if they were going to show me what was to come. They blew me away the second they came on the stage as Gary yells "OPEN YOUR EYES, OPEN YOUR MOUTH, OPEN YOUR EARS!" and the crowd erupted into a frenzied circle pit. Playing all of the songs that I was hoping to hear, except "Fix Your Sink" (my personal favorite), they ran through a number of songs from Thieves as well as a couple of new songs which were just what I was hoping to hear from KITH. The new material compares to the stuff from Thieves except they have dropped the horn section. I can not wait for October 31 when the new EP comes out.

I can't say that I was looking forward to seeing Lost City Angels. I hadnt heard much from them and I wasnt too familiar with their work. I had purchased their debut full length the day before and had listened to it once through but wasnt too impressed. But thats what the live show is for. It gives you something that the recording can't, and that is crowd participation. The crowd seemed really excited as the chant of "L-C-A-L-C-A" came loudly as the Angels came through the crowd and onto the stage. Playing most of the songs from their new album and a few oldies they put on a great show that I would love to see again, in fact will see again next weekend at Snow Jam. Since I am not that familiar with the band I will keep it simple. Stage presence, excitement, inspired vocals, loud, fast guitar riffs and all around great show put the LCA performance near the top of the live shows that I have seen. Before anyone passes judgement on LCA by their recording you have to see them live to fully appreciate the emotion and energy that goes into what they do.

The best part about a show at Bill's Bar is the lack of an adequate backstage area. The band members keep all their equptment on the side of the "dance floor" and hang around before and after their set drinking some beers and talking to their fans. Its a part of live music that you cant get many other places, even right next door at Avalon and Axis. The atmosphere helps a lot of shows out and the one at Bill's Bar is one of the best. And for the price I paid for admission, $0, this show was definitley worth it.