Black Widows - Stops A Beating Heart (Cover Artwork)

Black Widows

Stops A Beating Heart (2002)


The Black Widows play some of the more interesting hardcore I've heard in a while. At times it seems like they are playing by the book hardcore, but at the same times there seems to be something more going on with this band. For the most part the band plays straight forward hardcore, but underneath the surface of this band there is a more technical, a math-rock element that keeps this band from falling into the generic sound that plagues so many bands in this genre of music. For a comparison think of Ignition style hardcore meets Drive Like Jehu.

My one complaint with this record is that it is too damn short, with only 7 songs, and most of them done in two minutes or less, it makes for a quick listen. I would just be getting into the music and then it would be over, leaving me to have to restart the cd and annoying my roommates as I needed to listen to this disc at least twice just so it would feel like a full album's worth. This is an excellent job for a debut album and I hope to hear more from this band. For fans of hardcore with more of a technical/experimental edge.