Adventures / Run, Forever - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Adventures / Run, Forever

Split [7-inch] (2014)

No Sleep Records

Adventures and Run, Forever are bands that have contrasting styles yet there are a few strong similarities that make a split like this worthwhile. The songs are open, emotive and honest. They teeter on the edge of your consciousness and with music teeming with so much vulnerability, it's easy to latch on to and relate. There's a high degree of empathy for fans of both bands alike and if you're looking for a passionate burst of raw, soul-piercing rock in under ten minutes, look no further.

Adventures have always brought their A-game. "Like Seed" in 2012 was one of the sleeper hits that year and anything they put out subsequently has resonated well. Their two songs open and prove no different on this split. They follow a tad more the hardcore lead of their Code Orange Kids DNA but still maintain most of their flagship sound. The grungy opening on "Call Me At Night" dovetails nicely into their usual indie, multi-vocal sprawl and continues adding powerful dimensions to their music. Reba Meyers is not the cleanest vocalist out but she builds on so much internal strife and energy, it's hard to ignore her near-shouts. The distortion mid-track plays off nicely for a garage-esque effect that swells into a more gruff and guttural flow at the end.

Crisp drums and sleek riffs are what "Thin" follows up with. There's a darker, genuine and more haunting feel here but once more it's indie and grainy. The crashing cymbals, subtle guitar breakdowns and reverberant chords own this track. The indie-punk riffs come splicing in to compound an intense, emotionally charged sound which dances perfectly off their critically dueling vocals. It feels like a nice brand of post-hardcore which comes to a sudden yet telling screeching halt. It feels cutting, fervent and yet a seamless transition from anything they did before. With deft breakdowns and choruses that are semi-sing-along, the payoff for this team is imminent.

Run, Forever killed it with Settling in 2012 and while they opted for a more melodic route back then, here it's back to the dirty sounding basics. Angst-ridden guitars come flushed and heavy, with solos grating in at intervals to signal "Headlights." It's Braid-like in mannerism, and if you found '90s emo/melodic bands last year such as Balance and Composure, Sainthood Reps, Daylight and Citizen to your liking, then you're in for a treat here. It's a tune about God, faith and questioning. Run, Forever gambled well by going less catchy and more passionate. It's such a rich, bad-ass grunge sound layered over thundering, steady drums anchored with floor-tom fills. They combine to add a hell of a lot of musical value. The raw, gut-wailing harmonies kick in at just the right times.

"Lost The Feeling" follows a similar equation with a much more jarring rhythm as the icing on crunching chords. This is bolstered even more by the start-stop guitar work employed. Anthony Heubel is unrestrained on the mic and his vocals are sequenced precisely to match the few genres they are meant to blend. Throughout all their hardships and losses, they've fostered a sense of perseverance and rebuilding. This is reflected in their lyrics and music. Glory is on the horizon for these chaps because they continue to display a palpable and sincere energy at their core which only bodes well for us fans. Their resilience and relentless atmosphere to overcome is traditional in their music and that makes them one of the most underrated bands out there.