Tsunami Bomb - The Ultimate Escape (Cover Artwork)

Tsunami Bomb

The Ultimate Escape (2002)

Kung Fu

When I first put in this disc, I thought that it was going to be just another typical skate punk album that would blend in with the majority of the bands that are coming out of the So Cal region. Instead the band stands out from the crowd with one of the best female singers in punk. Her voice can go from soft and introspective, to aggressive and accusing in the matter of a few seconds. She even can pull off a decent hardcore attack for the song "Count Me Out". The more and more I listen to this, the more I think she sounds a lot like the singer from Discount, maybe with a few more hardcore tendencies. The music on the other hand is your typical skate punk, while a couple songs seem to have a few old AFI sounding guitar parts (their bassist discovered this group and produced and released their 7 inch on Checkmate Records).

This disc also included a computer enhanced portion that included photos of the band, desktop images, and a live video from their performance at Warped Tour. This band grew on me the more I listened to them, while they may have not brought anything new to the table with this release, they do it with enough of a twist that they stand out from most of the other bands that are out there right now. This group also has one of the coolest sounding names too, even if you hate the music you have admit saying Tsunami Bomb fast sounds cool. I would recommend this for fans of skate punk and especially female fronted groups.