The Public Divide - I'm Not Content [EP] (Cover Artwork)

The Public Divide

I'm Not Content [EP] (2013)

Unknown Records

A ska/punk outfit that has some balls, finally. The Public Divide have made serious strides on their latest record, I'm Not Content, released in 2013 on underground favorites Unknown Records. I'll throw it out there right now and tell you all I may be slightly biased in favor of The Public Divide, but that said, I'm still way more than pleasantly surprised with this fierce recording.

The Public Divide has focus. I personally feel that's a quality being so easily lost within the ska/punk and skacore subgenres lately. If everyone could dump this phony CRS style that's so hip to be imitated and so rarely done well, there would be many more happy garages out there.

This record kicks ass. That's about as straight forward as I can be as a reviewer. With only four songs spanning from the title track to "Archetype of Peace" there is zero opportunity for you to catch your breath. Every single song comes steaming right out of the gates and kicks you in the teeth. Talk about focus? The Public Divide knows exactly what it is out to do. They are going to shove precisely what they want to down your throat (or ears).

Awash in a sea of skacore bands that all sound exactly the same, The Public Divide really stands alone. A glimmer of hope for those of us that still like to hear horns on the records we buy. I suggest you listen to I'm Not Content and look bravely with me into the future of good ska.