Midtown/Recover/The Reunion Show - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)
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Midtown / Recover / The Reunion Show

live in Chicago (2002)

live show

I think I've been brainwashed. All I can think of is Midtown. Midtown loves me. I love Midtown. Midtown saves. At least that's what the blinking signs told me at the Metro on September 20th with Armor for Sleep, The Reunion Show, and Armor for Sleep. Armor for Sleep was up first. They're a quartet from Jersey. Overall, the set wasn't very impressive. The songs seemed to blend into each other and the band wasn't very dynamic. It wasn't that Armor for Sleep was good or bad, it was more of a lack of anything. They were a fiercely generic band with dual vocalists, one shouting, one singing. You can judge them yourself when their CD comes out in January.

The Reunion Show, who were covering for Taking Back Sunday while their lead singer recuperates was up next. With the unexpected switch, I didn't have time to check up on TRS beforehand. They actually put on a really impressive set. The songs were energetic and uptempo with a sprinkling of keyboards here and their. Their CD, Kill Your Television comes out October 22nd on Victory Records. One of the songs they played "Stuck on You" sounded a lot like Weezer. Once again, another band who isn't terribly original, but they brought a nice twist to an otherwise played out sound. Much like they said "its all been done before" but TRS made the night a bit more exciting.

Recover benefitted from the absence of Taking Back Sunday by moving up a slot in the billing. Apparently the third time's a charm, but this was my third time seeing Recover and I still can't get into them. I thought maybe I didn't like them at first because they opened for Jimmy Eat Wrold and all I wanted those nights was some JEW and Promise Ring, but once again on Friday they didn't do it for me. The sound reminds me a lot of Thursday, only for some reason Recover annoys me. I must be the only person who feels this way though because all of the other bands on the bill were singing Recover's praises up and down. The only song they played that I somewhat enjoyed is "I'm Betting All I've Got." I have trouble respecting any band who asks the crowd to mosh. Check out their new EP for yourself. Perhaps I'm biased, I can't deny that they put on a good show and the kids enjoyed them. Their talent just escapes me personally.

Midtown played a powerpacked seventy minute 16 song set. I didn't have high expectations, but as soon as the sign started flashing "Midtown Saves" I knew that at least I'd be amused. (It also didn't hurt that Gabe was sporting the "Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better" Locust sticker). They opened the show with "Find Comfort in Yourself" off the new disc "Living Well is the Best Revenge." The band had excellent chemistry and the trio of vocalists gave the band a bit more of a range. All of the songs sounded very crisp. The band seemed to have fun with each other as well as the audience. During "Still Trying" Gabe pulled three fans onstage for a dance contest. Although none of the three could actually dance (kudos to the guy doing the worm) it was nice to see a band having fun interacting with their fans.

Rob's drumming was incredibly strong and he never seemed to tire, whereas Gave explained to the audience that he was in need of a breather. It was Midtown's first time headlining a show at Metro and they expressed a large amount of thanks and gratitude to the fans for showing up that night. The band was sincerely happy to be playing and that showed in their stage presence.

the set was:
find comfort in yourself
get it together
resting sound
still trying
let go
(i forget the name of this song but it goes 'fear not cuz heres the anwer to your most pressing question')
become what you hate
no place feels like home
you should know
such a person
like a movie
just rock & roll
frayed ends
a faulty foundation