Moovalya - Sixer [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Sixer [EP] (2014)

Dagger Sight Records

Moovalya, a melodic skate punk trio hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, has come out with the Sixer EP. This is the band's third EP and all six tracks are filled with hard–hitting guitar riffs and a great "kick ass and take names" attitude. If you are just discovering this band, "skate punk" really is the best way to describe their sound because any of these six tracks could easily fit on the soundtrack of a pro skate boarding video.

The most remarkable characteristic of this EP is that songs like "Straight Into You" and "Hail to the Hearts" have awesome anthemic choruses. The song "Streetlight Streetlife" has great guitar hooks, fantastic backing vocals that don't over power the lead vocals, and this song too, has a really catchy chorus.

And although choruses seem to really be Moovalya's strong suit musically and vocally, the band's lyrics tend to have clichés in them like in the EP's strongest song "Six Feet Down": "Ever day's a new beginning/Grab your girl/Tell your friends/The boys are back in town." Again, "Six Feet Down" is such a great song, but unfortunately there are a few instances (in this song and other times on this EP) where the transitions between verses and choruses sound a bit awkward. In other words, they can be a bit choppy instead of flowing.

But other than the few clichés in the lyrics and some choppy transitions, Moovalya is a very tight–sounding band and the Sixer EP shows that. They have a lot of potential, talent, and drive. Definitely keep an eye on this band.