Black Cat Attack - Bright Side of the Moon (Cover Artwork)

Black Cat Attack

Bright Side of the Moon (2014)


Black Cat Attack are a self–proclaimed "horror punk" band. While there is an overarching sci–fi theme to the song titles and lyrical content on their new release, Bright Side of the Moon, the music itself is an awesome blend of melodic punk, metal and hardcore that isn't necessarily typical of the horror punk genre.

The band features the dueling female/male vocals of Valerie Knox and the unfortunately–named Bryan Dickface. Guitars are handled by Dave Baksh, formerly of Sum 41, but don't hold that against them– his technical skills, which many considered the best component of Sum 41, are the driving force on this release. Ari O'Speeddragon is on the drums, and "I can't fight this feeling" that this moniker is more fitting than his traditional surname, Greenberg.

After a fun sci–fi–themed intro ("The Greatest Idea Ever"), the band kicks into "Killing Spree at Zero Gravity", a track that is a good overall representation of the band's sound. The rhythm section provides an aggressive backdrop as Dickface's screams alternate with Knox's more melodic (yet powerful) voice. The next track, "Conquer Destroy Exterminate!", continues in this vein, with the addition of gang vocals and some metal–style guitar harmonies.

"Phasers Set to Thrill" features a cool bass riff on the breakdown and some nice guitar solos with more alien–themed lyrics from Knox. "Vampire of Planet X" is perhaps the most the most horror–punk–sounding track on the album, with Knox's vocal delivery sounding reminiscent of Glenn Danzig at times. "Death from 1000ft" could be the weakest track in this set, simply because it's not as distinctive as the other songs, but the guitar riff towards the end is pretty cool. The final track, "Slime Breathing Maggots", is awesome, with some catchy gang vocals and great performances from both vocalists.

The production on this record is really good, with an overall clean, modern sound. The mix is great as well; every voice and instrument is clearly defined, with nothing sounding glaringly too high or low in the mix.

Bright Side of the Moon features well–crafted songs, interesting lyrics, energetic vocals and some great technical ability displayed by the rhythm section. All this AND a singer named Dickface– what's not to like–