Chris Cresswell - One Week (Cover Artwork)
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Chris Cresswell

One Week (2014)

One Week

One Week Records is Joey Cape's (Lagwagon) new record label. The way it works is simple: Joey gets a friend to record a ten–song record in a week's time. One of the two first releases is none other than The Flatliner's Chris Cresswell (the other being Brian Wahlstrom of Scorpio).

Simply titled One Week, the record shows another side to Cresswell. Rather than what we're used to: the aggressive–voiced singer for a fast, melodic, punk band – this record allows him to show off his softer singing and serenading talents.

Beginning with "Meet Me in the Shade", it's quite clear that this release is a departure. Rather than a release filled with fast acoustic–punk songs, Cresswell's voice is able to come across beautifully with simple guitar–work complimenting the tracks.

The simplicity of the record is quite possible a reflection of the way that the recording process worked. There's nothing extra, just some layered textures here and there, but nothing unnecessary – managing to keep everything minimal.

The tracks "Merely a Man" and "Little Bones" are both melodic and swooning, while an acoustic version of The Flatliners' "Daggers" is a highlight of the record – translating perfectly to the format, with a big singalong chorus and some melodic "oh"s.

"Stitches" which had been performed live for over two years is soft and simple but builds up and showcases one of the best vocal performances of the record, while the cover of Dead to Me's "Arrhythmic Palpitations" is fast and catchy, giving the original a good run for its money.

This first solo release by Chris Cresswell shows room for expansion, sure. It's simple and short. But the simplicity of this release is what makes it so good. Hopefully Cresswell will continue build on this debut release and not wait too long to follow it up. The release shows another side to one of the most talented singers in the genre.