The 4-Squares - Steve's Hamper (Cover Artwork)

The 4-Squares

Steve's Hamper (2002)

Quincy Shanks

This was a rather disappointing release for me, I have heard some really good things about this band, people saying that it was bringing back the early style of hardcore, I thought that the band has potential but on this release just sounds like all the other generic hardcore. I think the band that they sounded a lot like was a softer New Society of Anarchists, or for most of you, Poison Idea, with out all the technical metal parts.

The recording on this probably had something to do with why I disliked this album, as the music sounds very muffled, while the vocals are much louder and really don't fit in with the music at all. Some of the songs weren't that bad, but overall this album didn't do anything for me, it just provided me with some background noise that usually got replaced really quickly.

Kevin Ashley
The Edge