Allvaret - Tank Pa Doden (Cover Artwork)
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Tank Pa Doden (2014)

Dirt Cult Records

This is the US release of an album that has been available in Europe for over a year now, and it's about time that someone brought this to a wider audience. Allvaret are from Sweden and if one disregards the vocals of Sushila, there should be no doubt as to the band's home country if they've heard bands like Masshysteri and Vanna Inget (members of who are in Allvaret). That's to say, musically, Allvaret offer up guitar driven rock/punk that is eminently enjoyable.

I've wrestled with the right approach for this review for a couple of months now and I'm still not convinced as to the best way to address Tänk På Döden. I've loved this album since the first time I heard it on its European release but the strange thing is it doesn't stand out as a brilliant record. Now that should not be read as a disparaging comment but to me there are no real standout tracks on here and I'd be hard pushed to choose one as a potential single if there was a desperate need to do so. However, this is a really strong album in that it's consistently good from beginning to end and it's also easy to listen to, even now having played it many, many times.

Everything just seems to be in the right proportions in terms of the music – the recording is one that allows each element to make its presence felt and Sushila's vocals are, deservedly, allowed to shine as the focal point of the songs. The guitar sounds good too, providing an even–handed steer throughout, and the deployment of the six strings can make or break a record for me as it's one of the two aspects of any music that I tend to hone in on – that and the vocals, which I've already qualified as being top notch.

This is one of those records that I doubt I will ever tire of. On each and every play it delivers what I want from it – catchy, melodic and well–played music that is fit for purpose and it is a record where the law of diminishing marginal returns will not apply on subsequent plays. That sense of longevity is something I find comforting and I am expecting to have a long lasting relationship with Tänk PÃ¥ Döden and to me I don't care if it's not one that really gets my pulse racing as it manages to deliver the goods in a different way.

End Note 1 – I'd like to give this 7.5 out of 10, converting to 3.75/5 stars, but as anyone who has submitted a review to Punknews will know, it doesn't work like that so I'm rounding down rather than up.

End Note 2 – I'm still uncertain about the review, even now after submitting it and that's bearing in mind I've re–read and amended it a number of times. So why don't you just check the album out for yourself. And see what you make of it because it is good!

You can check it out for yourself here.