Lifetime - Hello Bastards (Cover Artwork)


Hello Bastards (1995)

Jade Tree

Talk about ahead of your time. Lifetime released this powerful little gem before Saves the Day had their driver's licence. What do ya know, Lifetime breaks up, move on to other things, and some little snots proceed to swipe their sound and hit it big. Enough of that, now to the album.

Plain and simple, punk doesn't get much better. Every song has at least one amazing moment, and for most of them, the amazing moment lasts all 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Headbashing speeds that often slow down to poppier rock songs, then as quickly as they changed first, it's back to the ranting and rockin'. It's all here. Tempo changes to keep you in tune at all times, heartfelt lyrics, a unique, powerful voice, and some very catchy hooks. "Anchor","It's not Funny Anymore", "Irony is for Suckers", "Ostricized",well, I'm not gonna name them all, but you get the idea.This band, along with Jawbreaker, has helped change the face of punk rock. It breaks my hardcore heart to know that neither are around anymore. Before you camp out in line for Saves the Day's new album, buy "Hello Bastards".