Dan Webb And A Spider - Eine Kleine Akustischmusik (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Dan Webb And A Spider

Eine Kleine Akustischmusik (2014)

Safe Responsible Records

It's all action stations for Dan Webb and his Spiders at the moment what with a CD release of tracks culled from recent 7—inch singles which also features three tracks added to the 2012 reissue of the band's Oh Sure album plus this album of tracks performed acoustically by Dan Webb and one of The Spiders, Chris Amaral.

Rather than being songs written purely for acoustic purposes these are all DWATS tracks shifted into an acoustic setting although there is one cover version nestling sweetly on this record: a cover of "Astro Zombies" originally by the Misfits, but here it's deconstructed into something rather different yet still manages to come across as a great song.

Whereas acoustic versions of songs originally written with an electric delivery in mind can often sound sparse in comparison to the full blown versions, it's a credit to Webb and Amaral, that they are able to imbue these stripped—down versions of their own songs with a new life that moves them into a different musical arena. As I've mentioned more than once to anyone who will listen, Webb has a really distinctive voice which sounds warm and inviting and having seen the band live a few years ago in a small but well attended bar show, I'm able to vouch for his ability to deliver the goods on stage. This recording enhances the quality of Webb's vocals and to me it comes across as the musical equivalent of warm caramel —— just delicious.

You don't have to know the original versions of the songs on Eine Kleine Akustischmusik to appreciate them but it would certainly increase the pleasure once you've heard how they've been transformed from one style to another. If you choose one particular track to focus on I'd recommend "Epic Fail," which was originally released on the Gunner Records Singles Club 7—inch, which I find beautifully haunting.

Both Eine Kleine Akustischmusik and the Now It Can Be Told album have cover art by Shawn C. Higgins, and both are bright and bold in a way that seems at odds with the covers on previous DWATS albums. It seems as if there is new life in the band and that chapter two is just beginning so keep watching this space.