Dead Ending - DE III (Cover Artwork)
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Dead Ending

DE III (2014)

Bridge 9

If you're familiar with Dead Ending, then you know how much punch as a hardcore/punk supergroup they pack. Hardcore vocalist Vic Bondi of Articles of Faith is on vocals leading the way for The Bomb's Jeff Dean (guitar). Rise Against's Joe Principe (bass) and Alkaline Trio's Derek Grant (drums). Once more, they manage to show just how well they mix, bringing their respective punk characteristics to the fold, but working together, and fine—tuning well, to merge a sound that's easily distinguishable as their own. The predecessors to DE III all set the stage for them to light a bigger fire and it's a task nicely undertaken. The album's one complaint is that in just under ten minutes, five songs feel a bit short—sold, but still, you're left feeling pumped and ready to rage. That in itself constitutes success. As expected.

The record is one that focuses more on their punk attributes than anything else. Bondi tinkers with his hardcore comfort—zone on the opening "All The Villains You Call Boss" and it nods to their older music, in spades. It's a great throwback for the group's die—hards but it sets the stage for the other punk—laden pipe—bombs to stand out more. The contrast is highly apparent and while DE III is more tighter and concise, it still has layers of deeper exploration to it. It also feels more personal, particularly batting in these punk cages.

"Lifetime" and "We Were Always Right" are prime examples of this, fueling their short, opinionated and political rants. Bondi's disposition is more aggressive and it's hyped further by crisper guitars, well—placed solos and drums belting out the band's frustration. Their musical compass seems more unstable and busy in the sense that they have a furious pace to their music — with a lot of drive and again, a strong sense of anti—establishment. This gives way to paths of anarchic punk you just love hearing them riff off.

As a band that doesn't seem straightforward, Dead Ending once more stress on an aura that a lot of hardcore and punk bands should aspire to — raw, kickass yet very real. They maintain their vicious streak but as with most of their music, you're asking why couldn't they have added just a bit more to the pot. Dead Ending build on their non—formulaic and far—from—linear musical progression to churn out yet another sequel of punk bravado and continue to show that if it's one thing they pride themselves on — it's consistency. Flaws crop up here and there and maybe one or two tracks could have been expanded upon, maybe one of two could have gone a tad left field —— but again, they stick to their stylistic guns and do what they do best. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Higher hopes emerge for DE IV and I'm already counting down the days. This is hardcore—punk at its very best.