Minus World - Eat Sleep Die [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Minus World

Eat Sleep Die [EP] (2014)


DISCLAIMER: Greg Simpson is a staff reviewer at Punknews.org otherwise known as greg0rb. As well as being in the band Outdoor Velour, he is the drummer for Minus World, his other musical venture. Greg specifically asked for this EP to be reviewed by a staff writer who he does not know that well in order to get an unbiased review.

The Eat Sleep Die EP is Minus World's second release and it's pretty clear that they have found their sound. Overall, I'd categorize them as indie—garage rock with some proto—punk influence and even with a little psychedelic rock thrown in at times. Be aware that this isn't the kind of music I usually partake in listening to. This EP is not exactly something that would start a circle pit if any of the songs were played live, but we can't forget that there's plenty of music out there that doesn't get that kind of severe reaction from a crowd.

The first track, "Marvin" is the catchiest of the five tracks on the EP. It has an especially great bass line that gets accompanied by a distorted guitar riff with some cool echo effect on it, and I have to say that both complement each other and the vocals really well. But the song lost me about two minutes in, when the purely instrumental interlude begins. It seems to come out of nowhere and it sucks the energy out of this otherwise very lively and fun tune. I can appreciate what the band was trying to do here, but it just doesn't fit well. It either needed to be cut out completely or shortened because it makes the song musically lose focus. The song "Absolute Zero," is a significantly softer, but more psychedelic song than "Marvin," but it too has the same issue. There is a very long musical interlude that also needs to be shortened or rearranged somehow. Minus World did a better job however, with the interlude that's in the song "Battery Acid." There's a good guitar solo in it, but again this interlude could have been shorter. I can't only fixate on the interludes, though. If there's one thing that Minus World can definitely do, it's that they can write a really good melody. The melody for lead and back—up vocals in "Battery Acid" are nothing short of beautiful and the same goes for the song "Answer the Question."

For the band's first studio release, Minus Word is off to a respectable start, overall. They definitely have a lot of musical talent and good writing ability, but perhaps a third party should oversee production and help decide what should be shortened, lengthened or cut out completely when they record future releases. That said, indie and garage rock fans that are looking for something different, experimental and underground should give this EP a try.

You can listen to the Eat Sleep Die EP here.