Forgotten Generation - Move On [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Forgotten Generation

Move On [EP] (2014)

Self Released

After relocating from Christchurch to Auckland (New Zealand), Forgotten Generation seem to have settled in and have produced an enticing second release, Move On.

There was a massive enjoyment factor for me while listening to the 4 track strong EP, as it features a varied palette of alt rock, punk and hardcore/post—hardcore elements throughout. The title track opens the EP with an intro that would make for a good opening for a gig— a simple strum pattern and a drum beat build the anticipation for the gang vocals that follow. This sets the standard for the rest of the EP, which is upheld by post—punk weighted second track Leaf.

"Why Can't You Breathe" is my pick off of the offering. An alluring intro riff kicks it off, and is given even more lift from the ensuing gang vocals. There is a lot of energy in this song, which can be heard in the Taking Back Sunday—esque feel of the tune as a whole.

The EP closer, "Nautical Nonsense," is, in all meaning of the word, a closer. It starts out strong and slowly builds to a finale, with the repetition of the line "we're never coming home. We are the dead souls. We are the dead souls" bringing a feeling of finality and closure to what is essentially a strong release.

A more polished sound than their first offering Abandon Ship, Move On gives a glimpse at the promise that Forgotten Generation have as a band. I've got the feeling we can expect some good things from them in the future.