Nihilist Cunt - You're Next [7-Inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Nihilist Cunt

You're Next [7-Inch] (2010)

Suburban White Trash Records

You can probably guess that with a band name like Nihilist Cunt that this band is a very crusty, anarcho hardcore band. Unfortunately, the nine tracks on this EP don't seem to be able to live up to their great band name. The songs are fast, in your face, and mean and none of them pass the two—minute mark. But here's the issue with this EP, it doesn't answer the question "What makes this band different and original?" Nihilist Cunt while they seem to put in everything they got into their music fail to bring anything new to the table both lyrically and musically. The song "Sodomize Religion/Corporatist Terror," (which I'm sure you can guess what the lyrics are about) are just those typical fill—in—the—blank anti—religious and anti—corporate lyrics that bands like Leftover Crack and Dead Kennedys were able to incorporate into their songs in much more graceful ways. The lyrics in this song and pretty much throughout You're Next are just straight forward and not all that creative. It's like the listener is being lectured on these two broad topics that we've all heard many times before. Musically, the song is disjointed going from a fast, distorted, hardcore sound to a much slower bridge that comes out of nowhere and back to the original sound. The transition isn't smooth and it takes the song off course. However, it is refreshing to hear a woman take the lead vocals in an anarcho band like this. You don't hear that too often.

You can check out this EP on the band's Bandcamp page here.