Direct Hit! / The Priceduifkes - Split  [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Direct Hit! / The Priceduifkes

Split [7-inch] (2014)

Red Scare Industries/Say-10 Re

If you followed Direct Hit! before Brainless God, or even before Domesplitter was released you would have known that they put out some splits with bands like Mixtapes, Tit Patrol, The Jetty Boys and more. There was a solid year and a half to two years where that was all they released until Brainless God came out. But now that their sophomore album has been out for a while they have gone back to releasing these awesome EPs with this new split with The Priceduifkes, a pop—punk band from Belgium that Direct Hit! has toured with in the past.

On the A—side of this EP is Direct Hit!'s new tune called "Wasting Away." It's a classic Direct Hit! song. It's poppy, but it still has that anger and aggressive edge that the band has become known for. The melody of the chorus kind of sounds like they are taunting the listener and it works really well, as does the killer guitar solo. For the next song, Direct Hit! has added Christmas to their catalog of songs about werewolves, Satan, mutants, religious cults, the end of the world, candy, etc. with their cover of The Priceduifkes' song "I Ain't Dreaming of A White Christmas." Because the instrumental introduction was so uncharacteristically slow and heavy I wasn't too sure at first what direction the song was going in. But once the introduction ends, Nick Woods shouts "This song goes out to fuckin' Santa Claus…" and the classic "Fuck you! Get pumped!" I knew that it was the same Direct Hit! This song is more in the same category of "We're Fucked," a track on Brainless God which has a lot more of a hardcore sound than pop—punk sound. Regardless, this song is also fantastic.

On the B—side of this split The Priceduifkes cover Direct Hit!'s song "Boredom Addict," which was originally on Domesplitter. Immediately, you can tell that The Priceduifkes changed a few aspects of this song. They took out the introduction and instead they start the song right away and they added a few words to the lyrics. Also, being from Belgium, their accents add a little bit of a twist to the song. Overall, The Priceduifkes did a really great job of making this song their own, but not to the point to where the song is completely unrecognizable. The last track on The Priceduifkes's side of this EP is called "GWC" and it's just a really rowdy pop—punk song. The lyrics are really what make this song so great. They start out with the lines: "Fucked up on antibiotics and beer/There's no place I'd rather be than here."

When Direct Hit! signed to Red Scare I was a bit concerned that (what I call) their "split era" was over because these EPs are pop punk gems that are really fun to listen to and collect. I'm really happy to see that the band hasn't stopped releasing them.

Note to my fellow vinyl nerds:
This 7—inch was pressed in three different colors. 100 copies were pressed in green, 250 in were pressed in red and 250 were pressed in blue.