Torches To Triggers - Modern Day Monsters (Cover Artwork)

Torches To Triggers

Modern Day Monsters (2014)

Bird Attack Records

Recently signed by "Bird Attack Records" and "Bells on Records", Torches to Triggers is a melodic hardcore band comprised of five of Calgary's best local talent. Justin, Phil and Corey, from "Inventing The Wheel", Corey a local base legend from bands such as "One Shot Left" and "This is a Standoff". Kyle, a new addition to the band, former band mates with Chris, from "Obey The Fist" and both with deep seeded roots in the prairie punk rock scene. These five musicians have emerged from Calgary, Canada, a city nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, creating an album for the ages, Torches to Triggers is a force to be reckoned with.

"Modern Day Monsters" has awoken a sense of nostalgia in me, an album that reached out and grabbed my attention, staying true to its punk roots with a new, fresh, crisp feel. As nostalgic as this album is for me, it's not your stereotypical power chord, 4/4 time punk rock. I find it to be a Pandora's box of awesomeness! With dollops of metal in kyle's rippin' guitar solos and essence of punk rock, in Corey's quirky base lines, hard rock in Phil's fills. Justin, strong and steady holding, rhythm, all layered like a perfect punk rock parfait, with chris' bluesy melodic vocals as the cherry on top. Torches to triggers has honed their skills, coming leaps and bounds from their first album "Doomsday in Douglasdale" released in 2011.

If you need need some fresh new tracks for your summer road trips, this album is a great addition.