Calculator - This Will Come To Pass (Cover Artwork)
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This Will Come To Pass (2014)

Count Your Lucky Stars

Calculator have taken lead from many influences yet they've always managed to add their signature flair and distinguish musical characteristics that ultimately prevail as their own sound. Harnessing leads from a wide array of genres, safe to say, they've found their sound and it's these traits that highlight how well they mix and mash (in dynamic fashion) threads of punk, hardcore, screamo and, of course, post—hardcore. This Will Come To Pass is by no means subtle and is in fact, one of their most rapid and angry outlays to date, but what it really signifies is that Calculator's stable has grown and more so, is ready to stand on its own as a band that's unlocking its potential.

Abrasive vocals. Chaotic drumming. Dissonant guitars. They all build the discordant feel that Calculator prides itself on. Jangly, hostile and at times, metallic riffs, refine their unrestrained loudness, as well as the pained vocals, in a manner that many screamo/skramz fans would enjoy. Comadre, Leer and Touche Amore spring to mind when tracks like "Gasping But Still Alive" and "Brooding Over" hit. Most songs are under two minutes and packed with drama. The entire album feels compressed but it's this compact feel that allows impact. Calculator aren't anything unique but they stretch the emotional themes so well alongside instrumentation that feels like Circle Takes The Square and Dillinger Escape Plan had a jam session. Looking at The Wave and its luminaries, this album matches well to bands like Departures, Pianos Become The Teeth and also, The Saddest Landscape, as it's focused on heavy and fast material. They find time to slip in more melodic vocals than you'd expect but nothing too detrimental to their frenetic musical spine.

Mixing hardcore bursts with so many other sounds is something Calculator have perfected. This album really rams that home. Even when they tone the brutal vibe down and go a bit more post—hardcore (a la Thursday's Waiting) you can't help but applaud their sonic range and the experimentation percolating throughout. "First Shadow of Evening" is a great example of this. It's another neat spin from the California five—piece band that wanted to go more steady and more tight. They've done it smartly so and it's a step forward in developing a sound that is powerful and raw and pushes the boundaries of hardcore and punk.

As explosive and creative as Calculator can be, there's still room to grow though. It's a good feeling to see them spread their wings in such a fearless manner after their old stuff teased at bigger things. Now, it's past that stage and onto making bigger music that's worth admiring, on deeper levels. This is THE record to kickstart the new age of Calculator.