The Doublecross - The Timeless Destruction (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Doublecross

The Timeless Destruction (2014)


The Doublecross is the brainchild of Jon Greenwood, an all—round good guy who seems to be well liked by many (most?) throughout the UK (punk/indie) music scene and one whom I've yet to hear anyone say a bad word about. Not that that should have any bearing on whether this release is any good, but sometimes it's worth acknowledging such positive traits! This is the second album from the Welshman and he's brought in people from a number of bands including Ducking Punches, Bad Ideas and Menshevik to help him get it completed. Although the PR that accompanies the release states that the record has been referred to a ‘contemporary rock classic' I'd urge you all not to let that put you off although this is half a world away from Greenwood's other outfit, The Modern Farewell, a much noisier band indeed.

Yes, there is no doubting that the songs emanate from a place somewhat distant from the punk genre but what Greenwood has is the ability to write a damn good song that is catchy enough to ease itself into my subconscious and pop up at all manner of times, leaving me with no choice but to sing along. Some of the comparisons bandied around include Bruce Springsteen, Gaslight Anthem and Lucero, and Greenwood does come across as sounding like he's from the other side of the Atlantic at times but that's not something I see as a negative here. There are a good handful of times when the album really comes to life and there's none better in that respect than "Let's Be Stars," perhaps one of the few ‘meatier' sounding songs on the album and one that benefits from a killer chorus.

The Timeless Destruction contains a dozen songs with a good amount of variation in styles which helps it flow with the same effortlessness that the River Taff has in flowing through Greenwood's hometown of Cardiff. Throughout the album Greenwood's vocals are frequently paired with those of Lianne Francis (who was previously in The Secret Show – the alt—country project of Matt Davies from Funeral For A Friend), who is the perfect accompaniment for him: she adds a dimension that makes the songs she is involved on my favourite on the record. The highlight is "Gravel and Grain," a track which takes on a country/bluegrass vibe and brings to mind the vocal dueling of Exene Cevernka and John Doe of X and is a romping, stomping treat.

The Timeless Destruction won't change the world nor will it top charts but it's definitely an album that is fun to listen to due to containing well written songs that are performed in a way that draws me in and gets me all caught up and involved. Good stuff indeed and proof that nice guys don't always finish last.

This release is a five—way collaboration between the following labels: Boss Tuneage, Tiny Little Creatures, Aaahh! Real Records, What We Should Be Doing (WWSBD) and Team Beard.