Last Chance - Outlook (Cover Artwork)

Last Chance

Outlook (2001)

Justify This!

Well here it is! The full length from Last Chance, the band that is starting to take off! This LP contains 12 brand new songs from the hardcore/skatepunk/ska masters! From beginning to end it is amazing and the production quality itself deserves 5 stars!

The 1st song entitled 'Don't Let It Fade Away' is a song about the whole situation in North Florida about the Itchetucknee River. What is happening is a company called Anderson-Columbia is trying to build a TOXIC tire-burning cement plant 3 MILES AWAY from the Itcheucknee River. The song is fast as hell and has a really nice breakdown part where it's ska and it has the chanting 'heys' reminiscent to Against All Authority. The chorus is: STIR Don't Let It Fade Away (s.ave t.he i.tchetucknee r.iver don't let it fade away). Very clever. The song is sung by new lead singer and guitar player Allan Leavell (against all authority).

The 2nd song entitled 'Hair-Do From 1984' is a fast poppunk melodic song. It is sung by the old singer. It is quirky and a lot less political than the first song.

The 3rd song is called 'Stoopid', also sung by the old singer. The sound clip right before this song is hilarious and refers to none other than 'Wheel of Fish'. The clip is from the movie 'UHF'. The song is fast skate punk that sounds like NOFX.

4th song is probably my favorite. It is called 'Outlook' and is the title track. It is fast fast fast skate punk with some melodic scream core vocals from Allan. The chorus sounds like AFI. Near the end it breaks down real nice and soft then kicks right back in for another sing along chorus.

5th track is called 'Live My Life' and is another NOFX-style track and is catchy too.

The 6th song should be on the radio. It is called 'Best Buy Song' and sounds like suicide machines.

Teh next 3 songs are ska songs, #7 on the CD is Chinese Dong and is a funny tune about a guy from Japan. It is cool and catchy. #8 is Adventures of Faith, it is another pop-punk/ska song, pretty catchy, not my favorite. #9 is my favorite of the 3, it is called 'Life With A Blow-Up Doll', about girls who are 'plastic'. The cool thing about this song is at the end is a hardcore part with the lyrics from a really popular Sugar Hill Gang song. It is rocking.

#10 is the Crocodile Hunter, about the crocodile hunter. I put this under the 'pogo-punk' genre. It is okay.

#11 is an awful song. It is my least favorite on the CD yet it will probably be the most popular track on the CD. It is called 'She's the One' and is a poppy as fuck ska song that is just too damn catchy, which could be a good or a bad thing depending.

#12 is awesome! It is a Nirvana cover song! Sliver, sung by the GIRL guitarist of the group. Check it out!

(Thanks to Allan from the band, I have the correct artwork up - Aubin)