Weezer - The Lion and The Witch (Cover Artwork)
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The Lion and The Witch (2002)


"Words cannot speak unless they are told. You can never know the excitement I owned when I saw the weezers. I had so good good SO GOOD time. I like when mr. pat drum. He is very good American drum man. Maybe next show I bring mom to show her American rock not so bad. weezer have make my life feel like nicely. The crowd cheer so loud and I know that was best memory I own. Big =w= light and my eye open big. I never see =w= so big before!!! It was best!!!!! I thank the Weezer for the best night. Tell the rivers I say "konichiwa" :0)" --skl

I think that little, um, quote (as well as the few others written on this CD's case) from one Weezer's fans from across, pretty much sums up the band's live performance and this EP.

Recorded live at various shows in Japan during the World Cup Tour in May of 2002 this EP features six live songs from every era. Opening after the crowd cheers Weezer on to stage, is one of the few exceptional tracks from Maladroit, Dope Nose. It's not one of the greatest songs the band has ever written but it's an excellent concert opener and the powerful rock 'n roll guitars really suck you into their set and this record. Next up is the popular single from the Green Album, Island in the Sun, the song isn't that explosive and just mellows ya out a little as they lead into one the record's highlight. River's calls on God for a little help on this one, as Pat lead's the band into a very rare live performance of Falling For You. Performed just as incredible live as it plays out on Pinkerton and you can tell that River's was just as enthused not to fuck it up as I was to hear the song. Death & Deconstruction follows, and really calms the crowd down. Weezer doesn't disappoint though and slams right back and rocks the EP with El Scorcho, the crowd gets into this one, seeing they've had enough time to learn the words. Finishing off the album is a powerful and humorous rendition of Holiday. You know the song, you know why it rocks, but the good part comes when Scott gets his first chance at performing his part of the song, in which he slightly messes up, but pulls the job off well.

For all you collectors out there, yes The Lion & the Witch EP is a rarity, specially numbered much like the first batch of Maladroit. As well as only being available in independent record stores. I don't know how many of these are going to be made available, but do yourself a favor and spend the seven bucks and pick this little gem up, even if it's just for the reviews submitted by a few concert goers.