Various - A Comp For Mom (Cover Artwork)
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A Comp For Mom (2014)

No Sleep

No Sleep Records label founder Chris Hansen's mom recently passed away while he was prepping a comp to pay tribute. "A Comp For Mom is a special project I planned over the past month of my mom's life, to release in her honor and to help raise funds for her medical bills. Now it will be released in memory of her. 100% of the proceeds will be going towards any medical bills/other expenses incurred after her passing, after that 100% of the proceeds will go into a Linda Hansen Memorial Fund," he stated. First off, our extreme condolences to Hansen. Secondly, hats off for bringing together such a neat litltle cadre of musicians who embody so much heart and so much togetherness. A Comp for Mom really proves to be one of the most moving assemblies of musicians I've heard in a while.

There are squeaky, raw acoustic segments that skirt around well—produced live sessions or garage—demo rough—cuts, which all keep the sincerity of the record fully intact. Jon Simmons (Balance and Composure) plugs away at a grainy acoustic in "Veins" while Koji's live rendition of "Matches" is much smoother. They bring so much value to a record that also boasts the squeaky—acoustic endearment of Into.It.Over.It and Major League —— all allowing the listener time to let the emotions sink in. These allow reflection on the things and people we love. Emo to the fullest.

All the tracks match up though despite the varying pace of the album. If you're familiar with labels like Topshelf, Run For Cover and their affiliated collaborators, then you'll recognize a lot of the bands present here. It's a fraternity of DIY friends coming together. Grey Gordon delves into the dirtier punk aspect of things on a Dag Nasty cover of "Safe" while melodic—punk act Daisyhead also helps add some spark to proceedings with a grungier take on Jimmy Eat World's "Work". They complement each other well and balance out the different tones and tempos of the album. You even get a taste of cookie—cutter, mid—tempo indie from Now, Now and Allison Weiss for good measure before topping off with Touche Amore's cover of The National. They adopt a clean, lo—fi approach to "Available" before Jeremy Bolm wails out the end. It's an angsty end to a record that no doubt will prove an emotional roller—coaster for some.

It's a comp of sentiment. A collection of works meant for a greater good. Glad to see and hear something as inspiring as this come together. A Comp For Mom is a great showcase for a powerful cause. The music is diverse and the impact is undeniable. It's one of those rare ones where you become more attached than you first expected to be.