Krigblast - Power Till Demise (Cover Artwork)
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Power Till Demise (2014)

Mosh Pit Tragedy

Krigblåst is a punk super group of sorts. Some of the members include Shane Mclachlan of Phobia and Final Conflict on bass and Sturgeon of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim and Star Fucking Hipsters on guitar, but not on vocals.

Do not get your hopes up about Krigblåst's first album, Power Till Demise, being Sturgeon's next crack rock steady project just because he is in the band. It's not that at all. In fact the band's general sound is on the cusp of crust punk and death metal. The guitars are clearly tuned down to give them that extra deep and distorted sound and vocalist Dutch has no problem shouting the lyrics with much anger and intensity over them.

Unfortunately, despite having musicians who have proven themselves to be very talented in their other musical ventures, the majority of the songs on Power Till Demise seem like they are a lot of filler. Sure, they are all songs you can mosh to if they were to be played live, but they don't really distinguish themselves from one another. As good as the fast strumming and the super—heavy guitar riffs are, the guitar solos fail to compare, which leaves the listener a little disappointed that the build up before hand didn't pay off as one would have hoped.

More of the songs should have been along the lines of "Watch Them Die," which has a distinguishable opening riff instead of just fast and generic strumming, as well as a guitar solo (an offshoot of the opening riff) that compliments the song very well. Another song that truly stands out on this album is the title track. This is the most well—crafted song of the fourteen tracks and it flows much better compared to the others. It has appropriate instrumental transitions, a solid guitar solo that makes great use of dissonance, and heavy rhythm guitar riffs that don't over power the other instruments.

Overall, Power Till Demise has a few diamonds in the rough, but the album as a whole drags, which is a shame because there is so much talent and potential here.

You can check out Power Till Demise here.