Field Medic - Pegasusthotz [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Field Medic

Pegasusthotz [EP] (2014)

Sunroom Records and Salon

Field Medic, the solo project from Kevin Sullivan of San Francisco's Rin Tin Tiger, recently released their five—song EP uniquely labeled Pegasusthotz. Bringing to the table five songs of emotional folk musings, in sound it is similar to Rin Tin Tiger's upbeat indie folk jamborees, in style however this is a much more relaxed effort. Personal and touching, abstract and uniquely quirky at times, Pegasusthotz reveals the other side of Rin Tin Tiger's front—man's mind.

"Pegasus—thoughts" is the correct pronunciation of the release for those wondering. It is explained in the title track of the EP. A short tune, clocking in at just under the two minutes mark. It is a canvas of quickly and beautifully strummed acoustic guitar melodies backed by a breathing and pulsating drum machine. Shooting life into the complacent yet finicky voice of Sullivan's guitar. His actual voice however says much more. "No needs, no wants/just thinking Pegasus thoughts," a chorus that sums up the individualistic and daring message of the tune. Pegasus is the Greek mythological winged horse, one who carries the hero to greatness. Sullivan muses of living life by your own terms, yet saying no needs, no wants seems contradictory. Perhaps he is explaining the great phenomenon in life that carries us to our goals without even realizing it.

The rest of the EP offers more straightforward tales. The opening track, "Gypsy Dead Gurl," describes a beautiful young woman desired by many, including Sullivan himself, and the pain he feels in the process. A slower track, full of harmonica overlays and your basic up and down folk strumming, it is something much similar to Rin Tin's usual material. "A Pikture Of U" clicks and clacks along, drum machine bouncing out into space, as Sullivan's acoustic guitar dances around in twangs around the gangly atmosphere. A joyous song that celebrates life, love and adventure. Sullivan's voice is encapsulating and direct, everything that he is known to be.

Pegasusthotz careens between the borders of being a folk or indie release. Bringing to mind the slower aspects of Animal Collective at times, while giving the warmth of classic Rin Tin folk. The feelings of being inside on a cold winters day next to the fireplace are natural here. It is the record to put on curled up with the one you love, celebrating all your faults and successes.