Sparta/Cave In/Small Brown Bike - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Sparta / Cave In / Small Brown Bike

live in Chicago (2002)

live show

Lizzy Govas

It is a rare occasion to walk into the metro for a show with absolutely no expectations. Prior to the show last Friday, (9/27/02) all I knew about any of the bands I was seeing was that Sparta contained former members of the band At the Drive-In. The least I can say about my concert experience was that I was amazed.

Small Brown Bike opened the show quite fittingly. I can only assume that in the eyes of the band they gave a good, solid set that night, but the crowd had very minimal response. It could have been because the lead singer really never sang, he merely shouted every lyric. I have no doubt this band has talent and promise, but I don't think shouting at your audience for a half an hour wins too many people over.

The next band to take the stage was Cave-In. They preformed an amazing eight-song set that really got the crowd moving. Their set was packed to the brim with straight-foward, no bullshit, solid rock. It was quite impressive, they definetely exceded many expectations. They are a talented bunch and they know it.

Next up on the bill was the band everyone was waiting for, Sparta. By this point, the Metro crowd was in great anticipation for the grand finale as they swayed and figgeted in place. Finally the lights went out and the band stepped out onto the floor. From that moment on the rock did not stop. The energy in the house would not die out, not even during a five minute intermission to fix a guitar. The crowd cheered and jumped with such joy that was truly not expected. No one got bored for a second during Sparta's set. The response to every song in the power-packed, 12 song set was amazing. This rock quartet really knows what they're doing. The show was nothing less than spectacular.

Sparta set: Sans Cosm, Mye, Red Alibi, Vacant Skies, Cataract, Collapse, RX Coup, Light Burns Clear, Assemble the Empire, Glasshouse Tarot, Cut Your Ribbon, Air