The Beautiful Mistake - Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn (Cover Artwork)

The Beautiful Mistake

Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn (2002)

The Militia Group

I honestly don't know what to say for an album like this. Its very slow all the way through, but has some intense effect on me that keeps me listening and listening, and listening...

To start out with I'll talk about the lyrics instead of a song by song description which will likely cause boredom. Boredom by the way seems to come to mind for some of the late bands wheather its dull lyrics or music that just brings its own sound down. I don't know. This album is boring, but a good boring. The lyrics surprised me as being some of the best I've heard in awhile. I'll throw a line at you from the song "Anonymous Vs. California" just so you can get a good taste of what to expect. "Fingers sharp like knives, knives that thrust to kill. Put it all away. Your heart has atrophied into nothing. When will we rise above this place? I'm tired of the fake smiles that you place. The child's mind a tainted fate. Anonymous. Unerring mortal soul, at least you'd like to think. Your palpitating heart, a small and empty thing." These hit me as just plain amazing the first time I heard this. Very smart and deep lyrics make this cd a word masterpiece. The only thing is lyrics are just a small part of what this band has to offer they actually do put music to them of course, and to be honest its damn good.

The music I guess you could call pop hardcore. Weird as it sounds the best comparision I could make would be The Used toned down with some Glasseater type screams. And no I didn't like The Used. I believe these guys are way more talented and original, but thats just me. With all that said if you're not a big fan of The Used or Glasseater don't let that turn you off to this band because they really do have their own sound.

The guitar playing is slow but pretty complex if you ask me. You won't find the simple three chord melodies in this cd as the guitars are crisp, heavy, accurate, soothing, and explosive all at the same time. The drumming is the same on all levels, slow but in depth. The vocals are quite interesting, and to be honest with all of you the "singer" is quite hard to describe. His vocal patters are fun to listen to without being annoying in any way. The "screamer" vocalist sounds almost like the Glasseater screams but not so "scooby doo" like. I suggest everyone checks this young band out who just seriously amazed me the first listen. I recommend you download "Circular Parade" or "Anonymous Vs California" for it has one of the most amazing outros ever.

One reason I didn't give it a 9 or 10 was because the songs aren't really changed tempo wise which to me is something important. I'm sure this cd will be floating around peoples heads when it comes time to decide top ten list, because I know I will be considering this record for sure that just rips...