Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies - I Heart Here (Cover Artwork)

Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

I Heart Here (2014)

Antipop Records

If you've not heard of Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies, then the first thing you need to do is go and track down the albums The New Underground, Hip Potater (yes it is spelt like that) and their EP Spacepunx then come back and carry on. The "kitchencore" punks from Liverpool released their new album I Heart Here on May 24, 2014 and have brought out one hell of an album.

Describing the album, they say they we're wanting to write "around the idea of community and people becoming more and more disillusioned with the establishment..." which they have managed to pull off in what is actually a really well put—together album.

The first song on the album "Marcel Duchamp" gives a huge punch of punk rock and gives you an idea of how the rest of the albums going to go. Fast paced, garage sounding punk about the very specific. Social issues do come into play very quickly too with the song "Can a Boy be a Dinner Lady?," the idea of "it's not important who you are, it's more about what you do" being a message at up carries through some of the other songs on the album. In a time when then UK is actually concerned about their current and future governments, "Don't Listen To The Government" is a catchy enough anthem for the disillusioned.

The album has a feeling of fun going throughout it as well. Even if songs like "Workin' for the Man" do deliver a message, the music brings the message to you without feeling like it's being smashed into your face to show how political and social aware they are. Plus songs like "Dead's not Punk" and "Motorway Song" just make you dance......which is pretty much the point of the music they make.

Overall a very solid album. Songs that will be making you sing and dance, lyrics that have a decent point to them and a song about motorway service stations.