Digger - Keystone (Cover Artwork)


Keystone (2002)


Descendents. The Pixies. With influences like that how could this album go wrong?

Digger is a four piece band out of Penn. They play what I like to call dirty pop-punk. It is not as hard as Dillinger Four, but not as poppy as your 182s, NFGs, or 41s. They play fast and aggressive yet its very melodic and fun music ala Whippersnapper. I actually enjoyed this record a lot and here is the reasons.

The lyrics are MOSTLY ABOUT GIRLS, and I know how most of you aren't that crazy about that. Although they are mostly about lost love, and heartbreaks its done in a very creative manner.

"I swear that I'll grow up once these nightmares disappear. Centennials and keystones frequent flyer miles from here."

Shown there is a good example of what I'm talking about when I say they take time to write the lyrics. They are fun, catchy, and just plain good words for your ears. Now to the best part...

Musically this group of guys are very VERY talented at what they do. Even the most hardcore kid will appreaciate the guitar playing and overall shear ability of Digger. Some of their songs are actually pretty complex to the point that is sounds like a neverending guitar solo. The drummer is not so bad himself as he lines up a miraculous set of complicated beats throughout this disc. To add to all that they even add a keyboard in some songs which brings the music over the edge and gives it a different feel. Thats not all either. The lead vocalist which there is two mind you, plays acoustic guitar in some of the songs.

I'm going to leave you with a list of the reasons why you may like this band, or reasons why you may not. So here it goes:

You Will MOST LIKELY enjoy this band if:
1. You like catchy music
2. You like to have a good time while listening to music wheather its drinking, bowling, or attending a worst enemies funeral.
3. You are looking for something to make numbered bands realize they suck, and then attempt to quit.
4. You want to shut up the teenie boppers.
5. You like when musicans play their instruments.
6. You are down about getting dumped or shot down by "that girl."
7. You like creative songwriting and thoughtful lyrics.
8. You like pop-punk.
9. You like sad songs.
10. And finally if you are willing to open your mind for something original and new to add to your cd case.

You will MOST LIKELY NOT enjoy them if:
1. You worship HATEBREED.
2. You are one of those hardcore punk kids that only listen to Minor Threat and think any kind of pop punk is "pussy bullshit."
3. You don't like different music.
4. You've had some major break down with a girl that has left you damaged for life, and the next guy that erects that situation you will kill.
5. You are passed out.
6. You are a "real punk" and still claim you saw the Ramones when you were twelve, but now are at the age of thirteen.
7. You don't like fast music.
8. You like the production of cds to be very polished.
9. You like Nu Metal and that is all.
10. You don't want to hear another song about a girl, but will continue to listen to Anti-Flag who doesn't have enough songs about politics.

All I can really say is that this album is top notch pop punk with some guitar playing that will blow your mind. Now get out there and check them out!