The Disaster - Black and White and Red All Over (Cover Artwork)

The Disaster

Black and White and Red All Over (2002)


Judging by the artwork on this album, I was expecting more of a thrash or power violence band, instead I listened to some really good hardcore with some emotional themes to it. I hesitate to use the word emotional with this album, because when I hear the term emotional hardcore I tend to think of bands like Thursday which alternate between soft and heavy parts in their songs. This band doesn't do this; from start to finish it is an intense driving album with some brutal guitar parts, mixed with themes of betrayal, loss, and rejection from a lover, as well as frustration and disgust with the world around them. Musically it sounded almost exactly like the heavy parts of Thrice, with none of the slower parts. The singer has a great voice that is also similar to Thrice, but also seems to be a little harder, probably comes from the lack melodic parts on this album. My only complaint with this album is that it is too short, with all the songs less than two minutes, it makes for a intense but too quick of a listen.

Not only was the music good, but the disc and the artwork were cool too. The disc was clear (like NOFX's "Decline"), and the inside drawing of some people dragging detonation boxes up a war torn hill were pretty cool. I also love the titles of some of these songs "Let's Hear it for Heroin" and "Disappointment is Notting your Absence from the Obituary Section of the Morning Paper" you really can't go wrong with a song like that. If you like hardcore with emotional lyrics, or a big Thrice fan, you would really like this album, this one has become stuck in my cd player for quite awhile, and it will be in yours too.

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