Amoebas - Amoebas (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Amoebas (2011)

Modern Action Records

I remember seeing Amoebas for the first time in 2009, opening for Agent Orange. I was impressed by how together they were. They really seemed to have their sound down, especially considering how young they looked. They were peddling their self released 7", and their future appeared bright. Amoebas' self-titled full length was a favorite of those lucky enough to hear it back in 2011. Fortunately, a 2014 repress will allow more people to discover this lost gem. The Grand Rapids, MI based band has been around for quite a few years now, but their output has been sporadic at best. What they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

The leather biker jacket on the cover of this LP will give you a pretty good idea of what's inside. The sound is vintage punk in the vein of the Dead Boys or the Ramones, mixed with a heavy dose of 90's pogo revival. Amoebas is eight short songs of the classic punk variety. It opens with "No Emotion", a reworked version of the B-side of their 2009 debut 7". "Perverts and Rats" and "Nervous Wreck" are snotty blasts of attitude. "You Shake Me" will remind you of a Johnny Thunders ballad. Amoebas' knowledge of punk history would seem to contradict their youth. "Gimme a Fix" is slightly different take on the A-side of their previous 7". "Hollywood Trash" has a memorable hook delivered with a sneer. "Better Off Dead" flows straight into "Blackout" for a strong one-two punch to finish.

Listen closely and you're certain to hear the ghosts of punk rock's past. I caught glimpses of The Damned, Cock Sparrer, and the Sex Pistols, all first wave stuff. This record will be popular with fans of early punk. It's got the classic sound, injected with a youthful energy. This is highly recommended for those who enjoy their punk without the creeping influence of metal. Amoebas is short and will leave you wanting more. Let's hope the band can continue to deliver on the promise they've shown.