Dimestore Prophets - Be Yourself (Cover Artwork)

Dimestore Prophets

Be Yourself (2014)


“Feel good music” is the way Moses Lake trio Dimestore Prophets describe their particular brand of groove-based acoustica, and it’s undeniably an accurate description. The group have also been touted as groove/rock/reggae, although time spent with the band’s most recent release Be Yourself quickly reveals how much straight-up, head-nodding, foot-tapping pop also runs through the DNA of this central Washington three-piece.

Like most bands, Ray Glover (vocals/guitar), John Wilson (drums) and Eric Groff (bass) claim a wide range of influences for the Prophets, ranging from Bob Marley and Sublime to The Clash and the Dirty Heads, but in truth the overall sound is more Mraz than Marley. Undeniable overtones of the toe-tapping Jack Johnson creep in too, with much of Be Yourself being very much the kind of music you listen to whilst sitting under a tree in a sun hat, glugging a cold beer.

Highlights include “Hey Darlin’”, with its jangly offbeat guitars, strolling bass-line and blue-eyed melodies, and “Good Lovin’”, a tambourine-shakin’, hammond organ-screechin’ pop single, complete with infectious syncopated vocals à la the aforementioned Jason Mraz. The EP sags a little in its more "serious" moments, but overall the songwriting is sturdy, the musicianship solid and the production crisp, clean and bright.