Plea For Peace/Take Action Tour 2002 - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Plea For Peace / Take Action Tour 2002

live in Seattle (2002)

live show

First things first. I have been anticipating this tour for years. I am not even joking. I happen to be one of those nerdy jesse-michaels-mania operation-ivy-obsessed kids. Proof? This summer I was in Berkeley, visiting some home slices and such. I looked his address up in the phone book, walked to his house (which was within 10 blocks of where I was staying and which totally rocked) and make him sign my red vinyl '69 Newport. Yes, I am a geek, I stalked him to his house and made him sign it. Only Matt, Tim, and Dave to go! So pretty much I was excited off my ass to see Common Rider play. Some people I know don't like them because they are too reggae/mello/good for them, but us true fans, we recognize that it is not about Common Rider sounding exactly like OpIv, it's about Jesse and his amazing lyrics and his encredible performance abilities and everything else that makes fantatics like me cream myself.

The night started out sucking.
1. I woke up really late
2. I didn't have the number of the guy I was going with
3. When we actually got to the venue (which, by the way is the Showbox. And every single show I go to there, I end up hating it more. I wish death upon the Showbox.) this stupid bitch gives me an attitude about being on the guestlist, and ends up making me pay. That night I had started out with $20, 6 dollars on some expensive film, the show was 15, so I had to bum money. Which left no money for merch. ::tear::

So enough with the complaining. I am finally in and broke and come onto the main floor to see that there is barely anyone there. All the shows I have been to at the Showbox have been either packed or overbooked, and while it was nice to have such a small intimate crowd, I almost wished there were more people because I knew that Jesse deserved a sold out show...

Me and my date had arrived fashionably late of course, getting there just in time to catch the end of the Lawrence Arms set. I'm not a very big LA fan, for the sole reason that they are just not my type. Good music, but the kind that I can't really get into. Since I only caught the end of their set, I can't really comment on them. But in general, yes they played well.

Ahh, now comes my main event. Second to play that night was the illustrious Jesse Michaels and Common Rider. I read the previous review by someone on P4P, and he had said that he was also expecting a 3 person line-up, as well as myself. Indeed, Common Rider is now a 5 person band. I talked to one of the new guitarists, Joe, after the show. Nice guy, but seemed kind of young. Anywho yes, 5 person line-up. Which I actually loved. You see, yes, being Operation Ivy crazed, when the Common Riders debut album "Last Wave Rockers" came out, I was kind of dissappointed when i saw there was only three members. This is because I want all of Jesse, all over the stage and in the crowd. In my opinion, it's hard to do that when you are confined to your guitar. Before I talk about how Common Rider played, let me tell you the set list. Castaways, Firewall, Small Pebble, On Broadway, Heatseekers, Midnight Passenger, Am I On My Own, Concious Burning, Classics Of Love, Set The Method Down, Carry On. After their set they played one encore song.. Longshot.

Alright, so here's the situation. Jesse is on the side of the stage and no one can see him except for me and the boys I was with and a few othe rpeople they were against the stage. The 5 person line-up shocks us and then Jesse gets on stage. I'm not going to go into of the songs because I am being so incredibly biased right now. Because yes, Common Rider was the best. But let me just say that Jesse's performance is just encredible. He is all over the stage and has the crowd just crazed. His dancing almost puts one in a trance, he uses the entire stage to play with. Yes, I did take about two rolls of pictures. Although the music was different and the members were too, I totally felt as if I had seen Operation Ivy. The energy was insane. The way he moves is encreible. Jesse is really a truly amazing person. Haha yeah.

Ahh, The Promise Ring. They are so very adorable. The singer (Davey?) is quite the cutest person ever. He made lots of jokes and put me in a quite a lovely mood. Like the Lawrence Arms, I'm not a huge fan... I just don't listen to them much. But they played a great set, everyone (in the band as well as the crowd) were shaking their butts off, and most kids in the crowds singing along to every song.

Next was Poison the Well. I used to be uber into them, but just kind of fell out of touch. They took about 20 minutes tuning and such. When they finally started, they actually played an incredible set. I don't have that much to comment on them... it was good but I was quite ready to go.

All in all, I say that if P4P hasn't already come to your town, go even if you havn't heard/don't like any of the bands playing. Not only does it benefit people with depression and teens attempting suicide, but you'll be seeing Jesse Michaels! Is there a down side to that? ...I think not. uh huh.