Guerrilla Monsoon - Big City Plans [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Guerrilla Monsoon

Big City Plans [10-inch] (2014)

Paper + Plastick

A good punk rock band from Birmingham? Yep. Thank God, it's about time something changed.

Guerrilla Monsoon, who formed in December of last year, signed to Paper + Plastick earlier this year which was followed by the release of a split with Gameday Regulars. Now, Big City Plans is the band's latest offering. A 10-inch, eight-track EP -- four songs new and four songs old.

Let's start with the new. The record kicks off with "Flock the Nest," showcasing instantly the band's recognisable brand of emo-based melodic punk rock. Melodic guitars, a combination of emo/gruff vocals and an impressive rhythm section.

Title-track "Big City Plans," is one of the catchier songs I've heard this year, with its refrain of "tonight, tonight / let's hit those city lights." "Whisky & Wine" is an incredible closer to the A-side which ploughs along into its gigantic chorus.

On the old; "Good Grief" unexpectedly moves into its trudging mid-pace early on, allowing the melodic guitar-work and interlinking vocals to shine, again. Closer "Believers" is huge, with its chorus and outro shining. The buildup to the end is fantastic, sounding like almost reminiscent of early Hot Water Music at times.

The impressive subtleties of the guitar melodies and vocal harmonies across all the tracks really make the songs a million times more exciting. It's quite incredible that this band came out of a town which hasn't produced too much worth noting over the last few years; a scene which has become stagnated and overlooked. Immediately being recognised by the heavy-hitters on both sides of the Atlantic should be a dead giveaway that this band is worth paying attention to, and this EP really lives up to the hype. It'll be exciting to see what happens next.